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Pizza&Beer HORAANA


ピザ&ビールは種類が豊富でどれを注文するか迷うかも 笑



HORAANA is one of the nearest restaurants from the Gotemba station.
The restaurant provides quality craft beers, authentic italian style pizza, and local speciality food such as “Fujisan Prosciutto”.

You can enjoy Baird Beer made in Shuzenji, Shizuoka and other selected craft beers from all over the world.

There are 10 kinds of pizza available on the menu and the choice is yours.
For those who have trouble reading Japanese, put your translation apps away ! the place is equipped with an English menu.

The oven is always heated, so that your pizza will be ready just in several minutes from your order.

Mr. Suguro, the owner of HORAANA is a very nice guy and speaks English.

The first floor has counter seats and the second floor has a cousy loft like space that could accomodate small group of people.

HORAANA means a cave in Japanese. In spite of the meaning, the place is a open space for everyone.

住所 静岡県御殿場市新橋1994
電話番号 0550-70-9779
営業時間 18:00~25:00位
  • 月曜日
アクセス JR御殿場駅より徒歩2分
HP https://www.facebook.com/mingtin.gotemba
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